View from the Cloak Bridge

The Theatre

Exact location: 48.8105 N, 14.3188 E

The congress activities will be centred in the Municipal Theatre. The beautiful historical building is on the edge of the city centre and can be reached within several minutes from the whole old town.

The entrance

||   The entrance

The auditorium offers 280 seats on a sloping floor and balconies

||   The auditorium offers 280 seats on a sloping floor and balconies

There is a beautiful view from the lobby and outside terraces

||   There is a beautiful view from the lobby and outside terraces

Český Krumlov

The historical town of Český Krumlov, a UNESCO heritage site, is one of the most valuable architectural and cultural sights in Central Europe. The intactly preserved city centre, dominated by a huge castle complex, is a unique blend of Gothic, renaissance and baroque architecture.

The old town is formed around several tight bends of the Vltava river in a scenic hilly landscape. The rugged scenery offers an abundant number of captivating views and photographic opportunities.

A moderate hyperstereo of the town and castle

||   A moderate hyperstereo of the town and castle

In the streets of the old town at dusk

||   In the streets of the old town at dusk

More images in high resolution are in a gallery at

Apart from the organised excursions there are many things to explore and activities to go in for - you can visit diverse museums, expositions or just go hiking in the surrounding countryside.

The town is rather small, but being a popular tourist destination it has all the necessary services and infrastructure. There are various places to eat and stay, ranging from very moderately priced to high-class. You can find ordinary supermarkets and facilities outside the historical core.

The old town tends to be crowded in the peak season, but many of the visitors do not even stay overnight. If you want to take pictures without people, you can set out in the morning, when the streets are entirely empty (many of the photos used in the presentation were taken from dawn until around 7 to 8 a. m., when the very first tourists start to appear).

Getting There

Český Krumlov is located about 140 km south of Prague (as the crow flies), close to the border with Austria and Germany. Although travelling from Linz, Vienna, Salzburg or Munich can be an option, Prague will be the most convenient starting point for most travellers.

Getting there


There is a frequent and reliable coach service between Prague and Český Krumlov.
The journey takes just under 3 hours. The coaches tend to be fully booked - be sure to reserve the ticket several days in advance.
Bus transport - instructions


Český Krumlov is on a small branch line. There is one direct train a day from Prague to Krumlov. In all other cases you need to change trains in České Budějovice (Budweis) on the main line between Prague and Linz. The faster connections take slightly less than 3 hours.
Rail transport - instructions

Shuttle services

A recommended transport option from Vienna, Linz, Salzburg, Munich or Prague are the following charter services:

Shared Transportation from/to Prague - Poll

A poll has been created to survey interest in a shared charter bus from and to the airport in Prague (PRG).  Vote in the poll

"Travelling to Český Krumlov" by Alexander Klein

An article from the STEREOSCOPY magazine with additional information, including tips on coming by car and parking: Traveling To Cesky Krumlov


The city tourist agency - Infocentrum Český Krumlov arranged and pre-reserved accommodation of various price levels in partner hotels and guest houses. This special offer for the congress attendees is valid until 10 Aug:

View pre-reserved accommodation

If you don't find a convenient offer or the capacities are full we recommend to use global services such as or airbnb.

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