ISU Congress Český Krumlov 2022
23rd ISU World Congress


23 Aug 2022 - The congress brochure was sent to the printer!  You can download a *.pdf version in the Programme section.

27 Jun 2022 - a poll added to  Getting There, surveying interest in shared transport to/from PRG

23 Jun 2022 - Programme updated

22 Jun 2022 - We have created a new hashtag #isu3dcongress on Instagram, on Twitter and on Facebook

15 Jun 2022 - You can use a Facebook event to communicate with us or with other attendees of the congress. Please invite your friends to the FB event.

30 Apr 2022 - pre-reserved accommodation list provided

29 Apr 2022 - detailed information on transport

22 Apr  2022 - registration and show upload form finished

19 Mar 2022 - preliminary schedule published in Programme

Český Krumlov, Czechia
September 13—19, 2022


Come to experience an inspiring gathering of stereoscopy enthusiasts and professionals from all over the world!

The congress takes place in one of the most picturesque towns in Central Europe and offers a range of activities, events and opportunities to share the knowledge and enjoyment of stereoscopic imaging.


Why To Take Part?

  • Meet Other Stereoscopic Enthusiasts
    Get to know people from all over the world and share the experience and fondness.
    The Congress is open to everyone - you do not have to be a member of the ISU or any other club to attend.
  • Stereo Theatre
    See the work of the participants projected on a large screen
  • Side events
    Take part in organised excursions and social events, both in the city and in the region
  • Workshops and Lectures
    Learn more about various related topics, ranging from technical matters to software, art or history
  • Trade Fair
    Buy or sell equipment, books or collector items
  • Beautiful city
    Enjoy your stay in an exceptionally splendid historical town, a UNESCO heritage site.


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Watch on YouTube:

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Please feel free to project the invitation at your local club meetings and other stereoscopic events.


A selection of images is in a gallery at - this platform allows viewing in various stereoscopic formats.

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